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Brass Castle Hoptical Illusion

By   February 20, 2017

This is a new one for me. It comes all the way from Malton in Yorkshire (round the corner, that’s it). It is a golden ale with some fruity aroma and a nice head. The taste is not bad but rather bland. I had it yesterday and I can barely remember it now meaning it hasn’t left a lasting impression on me. I’ve got another can for tonight though.

It comes from my usual shop, Tall Boys.

Yorkshire Beer!

By   February 27, 2016

against the grain
Who would have thought you could fine a really nice ale on your doorstep? This excellent beer could easily rival many non gluten free ones. And it has a catchy name as well. Against the Grain!

Bronze award in the Premium Bottled Beer Category at SIBA North East awards September, 2015. Great Taste Award 1 Star Gold 2013.

They claim to be available in pubs but so far I have only found it at The Corn Exchange in Leeds in the Little Leeds Beer House. Online you can find it at Amazon. In general gluten free beer is difficult to find in pubs with the exception so far of the Brewdog Varangold. Let us know if you know of other places.