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Brasserie Gluten Free Organic Pale Ale

By   June 2, 2017

When I thought I had discovered a fantastic beer (organic, gluten free, cheap) it turns out that Aldi has recall it due to undisclosed barley content. I can only hope they will correct the problem and bring it back into store because I loved it.

It comes on an unusual 750 ml bottle. It pales and quite aromatic. It pours very well with a nice head and it has a very good taste. On top of that being organic I thought I had a gold mine but sadly… no…

It was for sale at my local Aldi. Fingers crossed for a comeback.

Altiplano Quinoa Beer

By   February 27, 2017

This was a very lucky find! I went for something to it at Le Pain Quotidien the other day and I noticed they had a gluten free beer in the menu. Of course I ordered and it was a really nice find.

It’s a taste beer which does remind me a lot a wheat beer. It’s a bit sweet but it has a good body, nice head and great taste. It’s an organic beer as well made with quinoa and buckwheat as its main ingredients.

I’ve been trying to find it elsewhere so far unsuccessfully except for this web. I’ll be ordering some soon.

Organic Grisette Blonde

By   October 11, 2016

Grisette BlondeGrisette Blonde is a refreshing pale ale. It’s quite carbonated and has some citrus aroma in taste. In truth it remind me a wheat beer quite a lot. I had to look at the bottle twice to make sure it wasn’t.

Another interesting feature is that it’s Organic! Yes, I do like it to be organic but I’m afraid taste was a bit disappointing. I expected a bit more and there are better beers out there. I’ll probably have it again at some point but it’s down the list.

My usual shop, Tall Boys sells it.