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Fantasma IPA

By   June 17, 2019

Fantasma IPA
It’s been a while since I review a beer. I’ve been on an elimination diet and only just now started having the odd beer.

And what better than a nice fruity IPA like the Fanstama by Magic Rock HQ. Brewed not far from where I live this Huddersfield beer has a very nice flavour with lemon overtones. It’s certified gluten free though it contains wheat which could be concern. It’s also vegan.

I drank it the Head of Steam in Leeds but it can also be found online at Amazon.

Ocho Reales

By   October 10, 2018

I went a few days ago for lunch to one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, Lupe. It’s a very good Mexican I recommend. It has lots of gluten free dishes and recently they added the Ocho Reales beer which is also gluten free! It is a brown ale like beer with a creamy white foam. I found it to be a bit toasted with caramel hints. I really enjoyed it and will have it again on my next visit.

If you cannot make it to Lupe, try Amazon.

Chmielakia IPA

By   August 6, 2018

It has been a while since I review a beer here.  I had to change diet further due to health issues and my current diet is less tolerant of beers. But today I had to have a beer I found on a polish supermarket whilst on holiday.

Chmielakia is a polish IPA. For what I found this is the only polish made IPA. The beer was created in cooperation with the Association of Celiac disease sufferers from Bydgoszcz. I haven’t had an IPA for a while and I really enjoyed it. It full bodied, well carbonated and with quiet evident citrus taste and aroma.

You can find it in large polish carrefour. I haven’t been able to find it online.


Bellfield Brewery: Bohemian Pilsner

By   March 11, 2018

It’s been a while since a review a beer. It’s just they getting harder to find. Luckily Morrisons supermarkets (which is showing to be among the best for GF stuff) has this new beer for sale.
I opened it tonight to drink with a nice chicken korma I just prepared. It’s a tasty beer and quite refreshing. It’s light with some lemon hints. It doesn’t have a lot of body and it’s quite carbonated. I liked it but at the same time it was the wrong choice for a curry.
It has won the silver World Beer Awards and if you’d like to try it wander to you local Morrisons or try Amazon.

First Chop: POP

By   December 11, 2017

First Chop beers are now a regular occurrence on this site for two main reasons: first I keep finding them in the pubs I frequent the most and they are pretty good. There may be one or two you don’t like as much but with the variety there is there probably is something for everyone.

Their web site says it all about this nice beer:

A big hoppy US style IPA, pale amber in colour with orange and spicy hop notes, blessed with an extra orange citrus burst from a ‘dry hopping’ with orange oils.

I thought it was pretty good but not excellent. 5.4% ABV is a bit too much and it could have a stronger flavour but good enough for a second attempt when I see it again.

First chop: Jam

By   October 21, 2017

It’s  lunch time and what best than pizza and beer!! Oh, wait: pizza has gluten. Quelle horreur! Gluten free products are more readily available than ever and I even know a couple of places in town with decent gf pizza but unfortunately Belgrave Music Hall is not one of them.

But at least they do have decent beer. First chop is entering the ranking of my favourite gf beer brand. They different beers are all pretty good and they cover an ample range of flavours. First Chop Jam is a pale ale with a nice orange colour and fruity taste. It’s pretty sweet and pours very well. Like all the First Chop I’ve seen so far it comes on a can so please remember to ask for a glass! They can taste can easily ruin the beer.

As I said I had this one from Belgrave but it is also available online from Amazon and other retailers.


By   October 19, 2017

Meantime Brewing Company created this pale ale. It pours very nicely with a nice golden colour and decent head. It’s not as hoppy as some other beers but it’s not bad at all. I personally liked it. I’m trying to think on another beer to compare against but nothing in the GF category comes to mind. It reminds a mild lagunitas (has gluten!).

I bought it at Tesco.

Hepworth & Co Brewers – Sussex

By   June 2, 2017

After my disappointment with my previous purchase at Aldi I purchased this new beer for me. I had it tonight with dinner and it was pleasant though not memorable. Although it is marketed as a pale ale is tasted a bit more like a bitter larger.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked it and I’ll have it again but I was expecting a bit more. One good thing about this beer is they claim to be naturally gluten free meaning they don’t need to remove it during fermentation like most brewers do.

Head to you closest Aldi to try it out.

Green King IPA

By   April 26, 2017

Tesco has been adding more gluten free beers to its range. Something I appreciate. This is the latest I bought. Unfortunately whilst I was very much looking forward to an IPA I never actually liked Greene King and on the same theme this beer disappoints.

It has a very thin body and not a huge amount of aroma. This is what I would class as a beer for a hot day (if we ever get those in the UK) as it could be quite refreshing but not something I would have chosen otherwise.