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By   October 21, 2017

I find rather funny that the Skinny beer is being advertised not because the taste of because it’s GF but because it’s low in calories. I guess that they will know better but what interests me is that I can drink it.

Product Details (per bottle – 330ml)

  • 4% ABV
  • 89 Calories (Corona – 149)
  • 1.32g of Sugar (Peroni – 11g)
  • 2.97g of Carbohydrate (Corona Extra – 14g)
  • 0.3g of Fat

What does it taste like? Funny enough the look and taste is very close to a Corona which it was discussed in these pages as being a GF beer though not marketed as such (I can have it without ill effects but do your own research). Corona is not among my favourite beers though on a warm summer day it can be delicious and refreshing. If you like beers like Corona and if you care about your waistline Skinny may be a good option for you. I’ve never seen it on sale on a pub and I bought from Tesco but it can also be found online at Amazon.

San Miguel

By   May 3, 2017

San Miguel is a well known beer at least across Europe. It is made in Spain and it’s owner is a pretty large company. It’s really pleasing to see the main brewers doing more and more gluten free beers like Estrella Galicia did.

I had San Miguel beers in the past before I converted to a gluten free live and this GF beers tastes the same to me. It’s a nice lager but for me it falls into the group of beers for a hot day only. It’s nice on a warm day by the beach whilst eating some tapas but not a beer I would consider on its own. It just doesn’t offer anything exciting. On an unlabelled bottle I wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from any other lager.

I bought it in Spain from a major supermarket. I haven’t found it yet in the UK.

Crop Circle

By   February 27, 2017

Among the large supermarket chains Morrisons has become my number one choice. They’ve been stocking for a while Browdog Vagabond and now they have added Estrella Galicia and Estrella Daura. But the latest addition is Crop Circle.

I was really pleased to find another beer to try out. However I was rather disappointed with this one. It pours really well and looks fantastic with a beautiful head. But it has little aroma and watery taste.

I had tonight for dinner and the taste was too mild to even comment on. I’m sure it would go down pretty well on a warm day but it didn’t add anything memorable to my meal.

Estrella Galicia

By   September 3, 2016

Estrella GaliciaThe Estrella Galicia brewery was founded in 1906 by José María Rivera Corral when he returned to Galicia after travels in Cuba and Mexico. It is by far the most popular beer in this region of northern Spain. It is a very tasty larger which is usually served very cold in cañas (around half a pint) or bottles. Their stronger version called 1906 is very popular as well and it has received numerous awards. But I digress. Having had their gluten version and their gluten free one I can say I haven’t noticed any difference at all in flavour between them. It’s still a nice and very refreshing larger.

I’ve seen the normal one for sale in Waitrose and in the Head of Steam pubs but not the gluten free version which as far as I know it’s only available from Amazon. Quite recently Estrella Galicia brewery branched off into cider and they do a really nice Organic cider in several varieties. My girlfriend prefers the sweet one (unfortunately I can’t find it here without flavour such as strawberry or blackcurrant) whilst I’m partial to their dry cider.

[Update] I found out that Wetherspoons now serves Estrella Galicia! I haven’t been to the pub yet to see if this is true.

Omission Lager

By   July 8, 2016

Omission LagerI just had my winner in the lager category. I had several gf lager already but this is my favourite. It has a beautiful pale colour. In fact I had to check the label twice to make sure this was not a pale ale but a lager. It has several awards including the gold award in the GF category therefore I’m not the only one approving. 

Great thing about this brewery is all they do is gluten free beers. I have another two in the fridge for later.

I got it from my usual place, Little Leeds Beer House but it’s also available for a very good price from Amazon from where I’ll buy them next time.