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Fantasma IPA

By   June 17, 2019

Fantasma IPA
It’s been a while since I review a beer. I’ve been on an elimination diet and only just now started having the odd beer.

And what better than a nice fruity IPA like the Fanstama by Magic Rock HQ. Brewed not far from where I live this Huddersfield beer has a very nice flavour with lemon overtones. It’s certified gluten free though it contains wheat which could be concern. It’s also vegan.

I drank it the Head of Steam in Leeds but it can also be found online at Amazon.

Chmielakia IPA

By   August 6, 2018

It has been a while since I review a beer here.  I had to change diet further due to health issues and my current diet is less tolerant of beers. But today I had to have a beer I found on a polish supermarket whilst on holiday.

Chmielakia is a polish IPA. For what I found this is the only polish made IPA. The beer was created in cooperation with the Association of Celiac disease sufferers from Bydgoszcz. I haven’t had an IPA for a while and I really enjoyed it. It full bodied, well carbonated and with quiet evident citrus taste and aroma.

You can find it in large polish carrefour. I haven’t been able to find it online.


Bellfield Brewery: Lawless Village IPA

By   March 23, 2018

A few days ago I talked about Bohemian Pilsner by the same brewery. The former was silver medal whilst this new one, Lawless Village IPA, is gold medal. A a well deserved one! I found this beer deliciously refreshing. I’ll go as far as saying it went up to the top of my favourites or very close to.

My other half also agrees and she enjoy this one with dinner. It’s available from your local Morrisons and from Amazon.

Kent IPA

By   July 31, 2017

I do love an IPA and I relish the idea of trying something new. This Kent IPA is not bad at all. It’s quite carbonated something I tend to prefer on warm summer days and it’s tasty as well.
It pours with a pale golden colour and it has a citric or fruity aroma.

I bought it from M&S and I haven’t seen it anywhere else. It may just be available to them for all I know. It’s drinkable and worth a try.


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First Chop Sup

By   September 25, 2016

First Chop Sup CanI did not like the First Chop Red and the can was definitely a mistake but First Chop Sup was much better. I had a nice fruity taste and it was quite carbonated for my impression of what an IPA should be but it was nice. It goes into my list for a second try.

Again the can was definitely as mistake if you’re not planning on pouring into a class. To be honest it’s the first time it happens to me with cans and it makes me wonder if there is something wrong the the cans First Chop are using.

Nevertheless you should be able to source it from a bottle though I can’t tell you from where. Google is your friend or Tall Boys if you don’t mind the can.