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First Chop HOP

By   November 29, 2016

First Chop HOPFist Chop HOP is described as an Ultra Pale Ale. It is a bit bitter with lemon flavour hint. It has a pale gold colour and it builds up a nice head when poured.

Overall I like it. Tall Boys is supplying it in cans and as I mentioned before I not too sold on the concept. I may be just me but I swear I can smell the can in the beer.

It did go down well with my dinner (pork chops) and I’d like to have it again.

Belgian Golden Ale

By   April 10, 2016

M&S Belgian AleThis is a M&S branded Belgian Golden Ale. The colour was fantastic and I expected much but unfortunately I was a little bit disappointing. It lacked the deep flavour I was waiting for and perhaps a body as well. On the bright side my girlfriend liked it because this ale is carbonated something that she often enjoys.

Readily available in the gluten free aisle at M&S for just £2 which is a bargain when you compare to brands like Mongozo.