By   October 21, 2017

I find rather funny that the Skinny beer is being advertised not because the taste of because it’s GF but because it’s low in calories. I guess that they will know better but what interests me is that I can drink it.

Product Details (per bottle – 330ml)

  • 4% ABV
  • 89 Calories (Corona – 149)
  • 1.32g of Sugar (Peroni – 11g)
  • 2.97g of Carbohydrate (Corona Extra – 14g)
  • 0.3g of Fat

What does it taste like? Funny enough the look and taste is very close to a Corona which it was discussed in these pages as being a GF beer though not marketed as such (I can have it without ill effects but do your own research). Corona is not among my favourite beers though on a warm summer day it can be delicious and refreshing. If you like beers like Corona and if you care about your waistline Skinny may be a good option for you. I’ve never seen it on sale on a pub and I bought from Tesco but it can also be found online at Amazon.