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By   October 21, 2017

I find rather funny that the Skinny beer is being advertised not because the taste of because it’s GF but because it’s low in calories. I guess that they will know better but what interests me is that I can drink it.

Product Details (per bottle – 330ml)

  • 4% ABV
  • 89 Calories (Corona – 149)
  • 1.32g of Sugar (Peroni – 11g)
  • 2.97g of Carbohydrate (Corona Extra – 14g)
  • 0.3g of Fat

What does it taste like? Funny enough the look and taste is very close to a Corona which it was discussed in these pages as being a GF beer though not marketed as such (I can have it without ill effects but do your own research). Corona is not among my favourite beers though on a warm summer day it can be delicious and refreshing. If you like beers like Corona and if you care about your waistline Skinny may be a good option for you. I’ve never seen it on sale on a pub and I bought from Tesco but it can also be found online at Amazon.

First chop: Jam

By   October 21, 2017

It’s  lunch time and what best than pizza and beer!! Oh, wait: pizza has gluten. Quelle horreur! Gluten free products are more readily available than ever and I even know a couple of places in town with decent gf pizza but unfortunately Belgrave Music Hall is not one of them.

But at least they do have decent beer. First chop is entering the ranking of my favourite gf beer brand. They different beers are all pretty good and they cover an ample range of flavours. First Chop Jam is a pale ale with a nice orange colour and fruity taste. It’s pretty sweet and pours very well. Like all the First Chop I’ve seen so far it comes on a can so please remember to ask for a glass! They can taste can easily ruin the beer.

As I said I had this one from Belgrave but it is also available online from Amazon and other retailers.


By   October 19, 2017

Meantime Brewing Company created this pale ale. It pours very nicely with a nice golden colour and decent head. It’s not as hoppy as some other beers but it’s not bad at all. I personally liked it. I’m trying to think on another beer to compare against but nothing in the GF category comes to mind. It reminds a mild lagunitas (has gluten!).

I bought it at Tesco.