Monthly Archives: April 2017

Green King IPA

By   April 26, 2017

Tesco has been adding more gluten free beers to its range. Something I appreciate. This is the latest I bought. Unfortunately whilst I was very much looking forward to an IPA I never actually liked Greene King and on the same theme this beer disappoints.

It has a very thin body and not a huge amount of aroma. This is what I would class as a beer for a hot day (if we ever get those in the UK) as it could be quite refreshing but not something I would have chosen otherwise.

Peroni Nastru Azzurro

By   April 15, 2017

I know a few people that swear by Peroni. It has never been one of my favourite beers (when I had gluten). In my opinion it’s weather related. If it’s very hot and you’re by the swimming pool a beer like Personi is godsend. But in the rather cool climate of the UK it just does not cut it. I personally find it watery and lacking depth and flavour but I do like its carbonation and it is rather refreshing.

Nevertheless it is great to see big brands are moving into the Gluten Free market and I’m starting to see more and more beers on major supermarkets. I found this one at Tesco and I had a couple more in the fridge ready to drink and review.

Have a good Easter and enjoy a cold beer in this cold weather!

First Chop Syl

By   April 7, 2017

Dark beers are not my usual choice and I now realised how much I’ve been missing. This beer has a nice dark ruby colour with a nearly blond head. It’s a bit strong at 6.2% but it doesn’t taste strong at all. I has a coffee or dark chocolate aftertaste and I really liked it.

Visit Tall Boys for your can. It’s worth it.