Monthly Archives: February 2017

Crop Circle

By   February 27, 2017

Among the large supermarket chains Morrisons has become my number one choice. They’ve been stocking for a while Browdog Vagabond and now they have added Estrella Galicia and Estrella Daura. But the latest addition is Crop Circle.

I was really pleased to find another beer to try out. However I was rather disappointed with this one. It pours really well and looks fantastic with a beautiful head. But it has little aroma and watery taste.

I had tonight for dinner and the taste was too mild to even comment on. I’m sure it would go down pretty well on a warm day but it didn’t add anything memorable to my meal.

Altiplano Quinoa Beer

By   February 27, 2017

This was a very lucky find! I went for something to it at Le Pain Quotidien the other day and I noticed they had a gluten free beer in the menu. Of course I ordered and it was a really nice find.

It’s a taste beer which does remind me a lot a wheat beer. It’s a bit sweet but it has a good body, nice head and great taste. It’s an organic beer as well made with quinoa and buckwheat as its main ingredients.

I’ve been trying to find it elsewhere so far unsuccessfully except for this web. I’ll be ordering some soon.

Brass Castle Hoptical Illusion

By   February 20, 2017

This is a new one for me. It comes all the way from Malton in Yorkshire (round the corner, that’s it). It is a golden ale with some fruity aroma and a nice head. The taste is not bad but rather bland. I had it yesterday and I can barely remember it now meaning it hasn’t left a lasting impression on me. I’ve got another can for tonight though.

It comes from my usual shop, Tall Boys.