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First Chop Sup

By   September 25, 2016

First Chop Sup CanI did not like the First Chop Red and the can was definitely a mistake but First Chop Sup was much better. I had a nice fruity taste and it was quite carbonated for my impression of what an IPA should be but it was nice. It goes into my list for a second try.

Again the can was definitely as mistake if you’re not planning on pouring into a class. To be honest it’s the first time it happens to me with cans and it makes me wonder if there is something wrong the the cans First Chop are using.

Nevertheless you should be able to source it from a bottle though I can’t tell you from where. Google is your friend or Tall Boys if you don’t mind the can.

Estrella Galicia

By   September 3, 2016

Estrella GaliciaThe Estrella Galicia brewery was founded in 1906 by José María Rivera Corral when he returned to Galicia after travels in Cuba and Mexico. It is by far the most popular beer in this region of northern Spain. It is a very tasty larger which is usually served very cold in cañas (around half a pint) or bottles. Their stronger version called 1906 is very popular as well and it has received numerous awards. But I digress. Having had their gluten version and their gluten free one I can say I haven’t noticed any difference at all in flavour between them. It’s still a nice and very refreshing larger.

I’ve seen the normal one for sale in Waitrose and in the Head of Steam pubs but not the gluten free version which as far as I know it’s only available from Amazon. Quite recently Estrella Galicia brewery branched off into cider and they do a really nice Organic cider in several varieties. My girlfriend prefers the sweet one (unfortunately I can’t find it here without flavour such as strawberry or blackcurrant) whilst I’m partial to their dry cider.

[Update] I found out that Wetherspoons now serves Estrella Galicia! I haven’t been to the pub yet to see if this is true.