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Omission Pale Ale

By   July 30, 2016

Omission Pale AleOn my previous post I mentioned I loved the Omission Larger. If you read my some of my reviews so far you’ll probably noticed that I’m more a pale ale guy than a larger (though the reserve is true on a hot day). Omission Pale Ale does not disappoint. It’s lovely. It is a bit thin more similar to a larger than to a full bodied ale and perhaps it needs a bit more aroma. It’s more carbonated that I was expecting though take it as a good thing from me.

I’ll definitely buy it again. Amazon has a decent price as well. Both Omission together with Vagabond are probably among my favourites at the moment.

Omission Lager

By   July 8, 2016

Omission LagerI just had my winner in the lager category. I had several gf lager already but this is my favourite. It has a beautiful pale colour. In fact I had to check the label twice to make sure this was not a pale ale but a lager. It has several awards including the gold award in the GF category therefore I’m not the only one approving. 

Great thing about this brewery is all they do is gluten free beers. I have another two in the fridge for later.

I got it from my usual place, Little Leeds Beer House but it’s also available for a very good price from Amazon from where I’ll buy them next time.