By   April 2, 2016

First thing I thought when I saw this beer was gluten free and wheat! Are they nuts! But not, they aren’t. Itfles7_bigv2‘s not made from wheat but from buckwheat (which as you may not it’s not actually a grain but a fruit seed). I used buckwheat on backing a number of times and whilst I don’t dislike it (and buckwheat pancakes are fantastic) it has a very strong flavour which I’m surprise to find out is not present on this beer.

In fact I had to do a double take to ensure this was not a regular wheat beer. It tasted very much like an Erdinger or any other good quality wheat beer. It was very refreshing and went very well with the nuts curry I had for dinner. As it’s common from me my only problem was the 4.8% which is at the top end of what I like but nothing wrong with a couple of bottles!

I bought it from the Little Leeds Beer House and it’s also available from Amazon. Enjoy!