By   March 7, 2016


Mikkeler Sally Monroe

Mikkeller Sally Monroe

Another Mikkeller beer. I have to say that I love the bottles design. This is a nice beer. It’s low alcohol, just 2.8% with good flavour and body. My first sip had a bit of an aftertaste I didn’t like very much and remind me some gluten non alcoholic beers (back in the day when I I had gluten) but it went away after the initial surprise.

Bought from Little Leeds Beer House.



One Comment on “Mikkeller Sally Monroe

  1. Mike Grice

    I know what taste you mean, it’s almost a buttery taste which I think is caused by Diacetyl. It’s typically found in some lagers, and beers where fermentation hasn’t completely finished (after primary fermentation, the yeast cleans up some compounds which show off flavours like this one), wonder if there is some process here that is shared with the non-alc beers 🙂

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