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Green’s Premium Pils

By   March 24, 2016

Premium Pils
Not sure where to start with this one. It’s a Belgian Pilsner with very mild flavour. I guess it go down very well on a hot day but I had it with a curry and didn’t cut the mustard for me. I’ll stick to the other Green’s Ale I reviewed here for now.

Very easy to find a most major supermarkets.

Mikkeller Peter, Pale & Mary

By   March 11, 2016

Peter Pale and Mary
I’m aware that I list here quite a few Mikkeller beers but that’s what available around me. Having said that todays beer which I’m just finishing off it’s one of my favourites. I’ve always favoured pale ales and this one remind me of the Ilkley’s Brewery Mary Jane and more than just the name. The small 330 ml left me craving for more and that’s unusual for me as I’m a very light drinker.

You can find it as usual online or at the Tall Boys shop in Leeds.

First Chop – DOC 4.1%

By   March 9, 2016

First chop DocFirst incursion into New Zealand was successful. The First Chop Doc gluten free is good pale ale (not excellent). Refreshing and with a beautiful colour. Slightly hoppy and some citrus aftertaste.

I personally think it could have a bit more texture and body but will have it again. It was bought by a friend from Beer-Ritz in Leeds.

Mikkeller Sally Monroe

By   March 7, 2016


Mikkeler Sally Monroe

Mikkeller Sally Monroe

Another Mikkeller beer. I have to say that I love the bottles design. This is a nice beer. It’s low alcohol, just 2.8% with good flavour and body. My first sip had a bit of an aftertaste I didn’t like very much and remind me some gluten non alcoholic beers (back in the day when I I had gluten) but it went away after the initial surprise.

Bought from Little Leeds Beer House.

To Øl Reparationsbajer

By   March 5, 2016

ReparationsbajerWe went for dinner to a friends house last night and he had a couple of gluten free beers waiting for me. The first one we had was Reparationsbajer which I loved. It was really taste with a beautiful amber colour. He bought it from Beer-Ritz in Leeds.

Since I’ve started on gluten free I had quite a few Danish beers. I don’t really know why there is such an availability of danish product over here considering they are the world number one gluten fans! (danish pastry rings a bell?). But all them have been very good.

Green’s Supreme Golden Ale

By   March 1, 2016

GreensI wasn’t expecting much from this beer. It’s quite cheap and can be found at many supermarkets‘ gluten free aisle. However it was surprisingly good. It has a very nice dark golden colour and make a perfect head. There is always the lingering fear that gluten free beers may compromise on flavour but this is not one of them. And for the price and availability it can easily be a common stable on your fridge.

There is also a range of Green’s beers but I had only tried this one thus far. I’ll be seeking out the other ones.


Estrella Daura

By   March 1, 2016

Estrella Damm
I usually prefer ale to larger. But I will sometimes drink lager, especially on a summer day. This is a nice and refreshing beer. It’s sold at Asda, Tesco and Amazon so quite easy to find. I mentioned on another post I prefer low alcohol beers. At a 5.2% content is at the top end for my taste but at the same time it’s just a 33cl bottle and too good to miss.

It’s one of my favourite lagers and I often have some in the fridge.